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3/19/19 Update


We've added WEDNESDAY nights at SHAKER'S On Clark to Sonic Lizard's weekly schedule.

This of course is in addition to the Sundays we already do at Shaker's, and our long-standing Friday nights at Davenport's.

Our new Wednesday show has replaced the "Jukebox Karaoke" formerly offered by Shaker's on Wednesday nights.  Meaning Wednesday regulars can now sing real karaoke from the stage, with Sonic Lizard's sound system and Sonic Lizard's deep song library -- the same system and songs as we bring to Shaker's on Sundays!  No more lyric lags and jukebox crashes, and the rotation is no longer controlled by the jukebox!

Better yet, Wednesdays will still be hosted by the magnificent BEN M, with Mark Friedlander behind the bar -- good times are gauranteed for all!

>>>Even more BREAKING NEWS<<<

Photo by Mark Friedlander

A warm welcome to (from left to right) Sean T, Old Beni C, and Ben M to the Sonic Lizard Karaoke family!  Sean and Old Beni are now hosting our Sunday nights at SHAKERS, while Ben M will be the master at the mixer there on Wednesdays.  Alma and Steve will continue to be your hosts Friday nights at DAVENPORTS, as well as being around for the earlier part of Sundays at Shakers as our schedules allow.

New songs are still being added monthly, including every available customer request as we find them, so come on in to any of our shows and get your sing on!

Your friends at Sonic Lizard Karaoke

6/21/17 Update

There's more new songs -- HAPPY SUMMER EVERYONE!  And HAPPY PRIDE WEEK as well!!!

And yes, we've got lots more HAMILTON -- we're at 17 tracks (all that's been made so far) and counting.  We've bought about 150 new tracks total since reprinting the books back in January  -- click here for all the latest.


This is because most smart phones and tablets will let you open and view a PDF without any App, but view only.  If you want to run a search without scrolling through all the pages to find something, you still need an equivalent of Adobe Reader installed just as you would on your laptop or home computer.

Please keep joining us every Sunday at Shaker's from 8 to midnight, and Fridays as Davenport's from 10:30 to 1:30.  We're also doing about one Saturday per month at Shaker's on a semi-regular basis, 10:00 to 2:00, but the weekends vary -- keep an eye on Shaker's Facebook page to see if there's upcoming Saturday karaoke.

June 24 and July 8 will be our next two Saturday nights at Shaker's, 10pm to 2am both nights!  But no Shaker's show on Sunday the 25th due to the Gay Pride Parade that day.

Keep on singin'!
Your friends at Sonic Lizard Karaoke

1/1/17 Update

The new and fully updated songbooks are ready for printing!  We should have them bound and ready for next weekend's shows.

They could have been dated 12/29/16.... but screw 2016.  We've all had enough of that year.  It's time to look ahead, not back, and get on with things.

Things like a marathon karaoke fundraiser FRIDAY JANUARY 20th to counter-act the ill taste that day's inauguration ceremony would otherwise leave in our mouths!  It'll be at our usual Friday venue, Davenport's, but the singing marathon starts at 8:00pm and goes to closing, time for almost a hundred songs.  LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD.  All funds raised are going to Planned Parenthood and other causes that have one thing in common: Trump hates them.  We're still assembling the list.  Alma is organizing this, so get in touch with her on Facebook if you have any questions, suggestions, or other help you'd like to volunteer.


Your friends at Sonic Lizard Karaoke

11/10/16 Update

Goodbye Leonard Cohen, you will be greatly missed.  Now please can we get out of 2016 without losing any more of our greatest singer/songwriters?  What a sad, sad year it's been.

The annual re-print of our songbooks should be done in a couple weeks.  We have bought new songs at the rate of one per day(!) over the past year!  We've also substantially edited the library, removing most if not quite all of the duplicates after vetting multiple versions of the same song and trying to keep only the best one.  Between all these additions and subtractions, the new books will be by far the best our singers have ever seen.

The deleted versions of songs are not gone.  They just won't appear in the book.  We'll still have them at every show, available if you have a special preference for a version that's no longer listed.  This will also be nicer for new karaoke singers, who always seem confused when they see muliple version of the same song listed :)

Please keep joining us every Sunday at Shaker's from 8 to midnight, and Fridays as Davenport's from 10:30 to 1:30.  We're also doing about one Saturday per month at Shaker's on a semi-regular basis, 10:00 to 2:00, but the weekends vary -- keep an eye on Shaker's On Clark's Facebook page to see if there's upcoming Saturday karaoke.  And keep on singin'!

Your friends at Sonic Lizard Karaoke

3/15/16 Update

136 new songs added since we last wrote in this space, and 98 just in the last month!  Just click here to see all of the additions since the new printing of the main book last October.

This includes all eleven songs from Adele's new album, which could only be legally obtained by ordering Zoom Karaoke discs from the UK.  It took a few weeks, but they are now here!  Please sing more than just Hello, okay? :)  That one is getting a workout at every show!

It has been a terribly rough year so far, with the losses of David Bowie, Natalie Cole, Glen Frey, Paul Kantner, Keith Emerson, and others.  Bowie's was the most shocking, as no one knew he'd been so ill and he was ever the picture of youth.  Ironically he passed away as we were celebrating his birthday, his new album, and singing his songs at one of our shows -- the news came in just after the last song of the night.

Since then we along with many of you have been memorializing all these beloved artists by performing their songs at our shows, and honestly there is no better, and perhaps more healing way to remember these splendid singers, songwriters and musicians than by singing their songs.

So our recent shopping spree has certainly been informed by these losses.  So far only three songs from Bowie's new Blackstar album, released the weekend of his death in January, have been made available for karaoke, and we have all three, along with nearly all of the tracks now from his 2014 album The Next Day, as well as the remaining tracks from Hunky Dory we didn't already have.  Also we obtained a whole disc of lesser-known Eagles songs in memory of Glen Frey.  We hope karaoke manufacturers put out more over-looked songs by all these wonderful artists in the near future, and we'll be keeping an eye out for them.

The remainder of our recent acquisitions have been all of the customer requests from the  last few months.  So if you asked for something, and it was avialable, we now have it!  Now it's your turn to come back out and sing what you asked for!

See you soon at Davenport's and Shaker's!!!

Your friends at Sonic Lizard Karaoke

10/22/15 Update

26 new songs added to our library today -- click here for a look.

THE NEW BOOKS ARE COMING!  The printing is now in progress, with the goal to have them bound and at our next Davenport's show on Oct. 30.

The approximately 600 new songs added since the previous printing 18 months ago will now all appear in the main songbooks -- you can spot them by looking for the plus sign (+) in front of the song numbers.

We've also lightened, and hopefully simplified the use of the books by removing nearly all of the 800 duplicate songs!  We've made an effort to keep only the best version of each song listed.  In some cases we compared two (and sometimes more!) versions to make the determination, especially for the more popular songs, but for the majority we relied on the relative quality of the manufacturers.

(You did know the manufacturer is denoted by the first two letters in the song number, and there's a table to those abbreviations on page 2 of the book?  Of course you did!)

If your favorite version is no longer listed, DO NOT DESPAIR :)  No songs have actually been deleted from our library, they've only been unlisted from the printed books.  If for example you really preferred the DK or Pocket Songs version of  a song we previously had to the Sound Choice or Zoom version we kept listed, JUST ASK.  All the unlisted versions are still on our computer, and we can call them up as easily as the listed versions.  (If we get repeat requests for anything we unlisted, we'll put it back in future editions of the printed books).

So now you have much more to sing, and much less to wade through when looking up songs.  And we saved a little money on printing too, so it's a win-win-win situation :)

See you at the next show!  Shaker's on Sundays, Davenport's on Fridays, or better yet both!

Your friends at Sonic Lizard Karaoke

7/25/15 Update

56 new songs added to our library as of today -- click here to see all of the additions since the last printing of the main book.  We're very pleased to have located the out-of-print Chartbuster cd+g devoted to the work of our legendary Chicago songwriter John Prine, the songs of which are included in this update.

SCHEDULE CHANGE:  we are no longer at Grand Tavern in Brookfield on Thursdays.  Unfortunately the logistics involved doing a show that far from home had gotten to be a bit too much.  We had a great time in the weeks we did Thursdays there, and offer our thanks to owners Mike and John, two wonderful guys!  And a special shout out goes to bartender Rachel, and regulars Tim, Ron and Mike for giving us so much support.  We miss you guys!  And we wish everyone at Grand Tavern much continued fun and success!

Our remaining schedule remains the same:  Sundays at Shaker's from 8 to midnight, and Fridays as Davenport's from 10:30 to 1:30.  Keep on singin'!

Your friends at Sonic Lizard Karaoke

5/27/15 Update

48 new songs added as of today!  Just 3 weeks since our last updates, and there's already a little bit more of everything from Dean Martin to Justin Timberlake, Judy Garland to Susan Boyle, Johnny Cash to Miranda Lambert, Sly Stone to Hall & Oates,  Ray LaMontagne, and a good chunk of The Sound of Music.  A few customers asked for things out of print or unavailable, but the majority of requests were all fulfilled -- so come out and sing that song you asked for! :)

We're now back to every Sunday at Shaker's after the bar experimented with something else on the 3rd Sundays of the month.  But it's karaoke every Sunday from now on, plus we'll also be there for an extra night on Saturday June 27th (Pride weekend).

Last week our Friday night show at Davenport's moved from the Cabaret Room in back to the piano bar room out front, to mixed reactions by our regulars.  This was the bar's decision.  We know it's a totally different atmosphere and sound, which some loved and a few hated.  It's a big change after 9 plus years in the back room!  All we can say is try it out, share your feedback with us and the Davenport's staff, and we'll see where it goes down the line!

Unless the Blackhawks win their next two games, there won't be any more interruptions in Thursday night karaoke at Grand Tavern.  Then again, this is the Blackhawks, and it's never over 'til it's over!

Your friends at Sonic Lizard Karaoke

5/8/15 Update

Lots of news to catch up on...

Regarding our Grand Tavern show, you may have noticed we've been off two of the last three Thursdays because of the Blackhawks playoff games.  Well, it's hard to compete with the Blackhawks, as yet another foe just found out :)  As they won the last series (in a 4 game sweep!) we're likely to postpone another show (why do these games have to be at 8:30?!?)  Rest assured once the season is over we'll be back every Thursday night.

Regarding our Davenport's show, this will come as a big surprise (even shock) to our regulars, but management has decided to move us to the front room on Friday nights (same night and same hours) instead of the Cabaret Room in the back where we've done our show for just over nine years.  Some people will like this, and some will not.  Davenport's hopes that our higher visibility in the front room will attract more foot traffic into the venue.  We do not know how this will work out in the long run, certainly many of you will miss the full stage and lighting as well as the unique intimacy of the back room, but we'll be doing our best to make the front room shows as fun and successful as the back room shows have consistently been for the past decade.  Whether or not this becomes a permanent change is still an unknown.

And yes, there's about 180 new songs in our library since we last wrote in this space!  So do join us Sundays at Shaker's (8pm), Thursdays at Grand Tavern (8:30pm), and Fridays in the front room at Davenport's (10:30pm) and sing, sing, sing!

Your friends at Sonic Lizard Karaoke

2/9/15 Update

Good news, bad news.  First the bad news:

Alas, Bar63 has suspended karaoke Wednesdays for now.  Our special thanks to the wonderful staff there for making these last few months such a great time!  Hopefully we'll be invited back when Spring finally gets here and the weather warms up.

On to the good news...

This week we begin our new Thursday night residency at Grand Tavern!  Karaoke with us from 8:30 to 12:30!  Grand Tavern is located at 3733 Grand Blvd in Brookfield.  We'll be taking over a show that had been running until last Fall, and understand the bar regulars are champing at the bit to have karaoke back on Thursdays -- we love enthusiastic singers!  So we're looking forward to many exciting nights at Grand Tavern, and hope at least a few of our Davenport's and Shaker's regulars can join us from time to time, although we realize that's a long way for most of you to come! :)

So we'll be seeing you all at Davenport's every Friday, Shaker's every Sunday (with a couple exceptions noted on the home page calendar) and meeting lots of new friends on Thursdays at Grand Tavern.

We've also been adding new songs on a fairly regular basis, so keep an eye on our Latest Additions for songs you want to try out.

See you soon!
Your friends at Sonic Lizard Karaoke

11/28/14 Update

Now you can sing with us Wednesday nights too!  We've added another new show at Bar63, located at 6341 N. Broadway, with karaoke running from 8:00pm 'til midnight. This is a lovely bar and restaurant with an extensive menu, a separate billiards room, and a huge party room with awesome sound for karaoke!

But on Wednesday 12/31, it's NEW YEAR'S EVE KARAOKE with us at SHAKERS, 3160 N. Clark, with karaoke from 9:00pm to 1:00am.  Shakers will be throwing a huge New Year's Ever party, with karaoke, and there won't be any cover charge!  We're also at Shakers Sundays, except for 1/4 as we'll have just been there for New Year's Eve.  We gotta rest sometime! :)

And of course every Friday be sure to join us for our award-winning show at DAVENPORT'S!

Also we've just added another 70 NEW SONGS, including all recent customer requests where available.  To view everything we've added since the last printing of the Songbooks, click this link to see the Latest Additions, or click on the Songs button above to view the whole library.

Your friends at Sonic Lizard Karaoke

9/12/14 Update
Hope you're all enjoying the opportunity to sing with us twice a week now, Fridays at DAVENPORT'S and now Sundays at SHAKERS!  A big thanks to all of you for making both nights so successful!

Advance warning that Sunday November 9 is another Bears Sunday night game, so no karaoke that night at Shakers.  As we did this weekend we'll probably have an extra show instead the night before, on Saturday November 8.  Check back here or visit SHAKERS website to keep an eye on the November schedule.

NEW SONGS!  We added 76 new songs to the library today, along with 20 upgrades of songs we already had.  We're always working to improve both the size and quality of our song selection.  To see everything we've added since the last printing of the Songbooks click here fore the Latest Additions, or click on the Songs button above to view the whole library.

Nearly all the new songs just added were customer requests, so if you asked for it now's your chance to come out and sing it!

Your friends at Sonic Lizard Karaoke

8/24/14 Update
Beginning August 24th, you can sing with us twice a week!  Karaoke from 8:00 to midnight at SHAKERS!
NEW BAR!  SUNDAY nights!  STARTING August 24!
Come karaoke with your hosts Alma & Steve now on Sunday nights too...

SHAKERS on CLARK - a new neighborhood bar
3160 N. Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60657 / 773-327-5969

A shiny new bar at the former location of 3160 Piano Bar & Cabaret (formerly Annex 3 if you go back that far :)  The new owners have transformed the space into a fresh, welcoming and lively neighborhood bar.

Drink specials every night of the week -- multiple big screen TVs -- and karaoke on Sundays!

We'll be there for karaoke every Sunday night, 8pm to midnight, EXCEPT the nights of this season's two Sunday night BEARS games, 9/14 and 11/9.

Get your sing on, SUNDAYS at Shakers 8-12, and every FRIDAY 10:30 to 1:30 with us at Davenport's Piano Bar, where we're now in our 8th year!

Your friends at Sonic Lizard Karaoke

5/1/14 Update (revised)
Happy Beltane one and all!

As of today we've added 326 new songs since we re-printed our books last autumn, as well as upgrading another 100 or so songs with better versions than we had before, which is always important.  Most of the new songs were based on customer requests -- so if you asked for it in the last 6 months it's safe to say we have it now (excepting one or two that just aren't available for karaoke).

Wanna see the new additions?  Just have a click on Latest Additions to see them all.  Wanna see everything, in a bunch?  Click here to see the main Songbook sorted by either Artist name or by Song title here, or follow the menu buttons on the jukebox in the upper right corner.  In the main Songbook the new entries are all preceded by a plus (+) sign so you can tell which ones they are.

Hard copies of the new Songbooks are going to press in a week or two.  Until then we'll have the old books at our shows, with the new songs listed on those separate yellow pages.  If you see your song here online, rest assured we already have it at all our the shows!

Got a smart phone or tablet?  Y'know, you can browse our most up-to-date Songbook or look up a song number right here on the website from your phone, even when you're in the bar with us :)  On those nights we're really crowded and all the books are in use, you might even find that easier.  But don't text us at the show -- our phones are off while we're taking care of business :)

We've been having a blast at Davenport's every Friday, so celebrate this long awaited Spring by joining us for a song soon!

Your friends at Sonic Lizard Karaoke

2/6/14 Update
Our first blog update of 2014, so a Happy New Year to all!  The holidays are our busiest season, so there hasn't been much time for writing here in quite awhile.

This weekend marks the 50th anniversary of The Beatles landing in New York and making their historic first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show!  Join us at Davenport's this Friday night as we celebrate.  We have the most complete set of Beatles karaoke tracks in the world, so come together and use it! :)

As of today we've added 167 new songs since the last printing of our Songbook.  We pretty much fulfilled all customer requests made in the last four months.  Just have a click on Latest Additions to see all the tasty new things you can sing!

Your friends at Sonic Lizard Karaoke

10/6/13 Update
All songs previously posted under Latest Additions have moved into the main Songbooks (by Artist name and by Song title).

The songs currently in Latest Additions were just added today, and even include a couple or three customer requests from last week's Davenport's show.  We'll have a printed list of these available at the shows as well.

So join us on Friday and try out some new stuff!

Your friends at Sonic Lizard Karaoke

9/10/13 Update
Is it really 10 months since we updated this little blog?  My goodness, we've stayed busy!

So it's certainly time for something new.  For example, NEW, the brand new single from Paul McCartney, his first release since the wonderful Kisses On The Bottom album some years ago.  You can't get newer than NEW since it only came out last week.  Yet our good friends at Zoom Karaoke, the best manufacturer in the UK, have already produced the karaoke version.  Guess what else?  WE already have it.  Who's ready to sing it at Davenport's next Friday? :>

All of which is to say, we've just finished adding some 200 new tracks to our Songbook.  Just click on the Songs button above, and then choose Latest Additions for a peek at the newest goodies.  We've got quite a few new songs that have only been released for karaoke for the first time in the last couple months, from the likes of The Doors (two for them!), Foreigner, Manhattan Transfer, Dreamgirls, Traveling Wilburys, two new songs from Les Mis, and even a Beatles tune out for the first time!  Along with all of the customer requests we've had so far this year, including Digital Underground, Daft Punk, Firehouse, Klymaxx, Taylor Swift, and many more.

We've also lucked into some long-out-of-print tracks from former Canadian manufacturer Sing King, fleshing out our deep cuts selection with otherwise totally unavailable karaoke versions of songs by Gordon Lightfoot, Bob Dylan, and The Band.  Sometimes even oldies are "new".

And in other news...

New printings of the full Songbook, including the new stuff, should go to press tomorrow and with any luck we'll have them for Friday's show at Davenports.  (Yep, they're ready and in!)

We just realized, this webpage is now ten years old!

And last but not least, our hostess ALMA MENDOZA won the singing competition at this year's Chicago BEATLEFEST!!!  We knew she would one day :)  With our friend Mike Ferry of LBK on guitar, they stunned the Grand Ballroom at the Hyatt O'Hare with a surprise arrangement of Paul McCartney's "My Valentine".  Which was the single from Sir Paul's previous album, so this blog post has now come full circle.  You can find Alma's performance on Youtube.

As you may be aware, Alma also produces live shows for the cabaret space at Davenport's.  Her new project "GBYBR", a 40th anniversary tribute show to Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album, will be performed two Saturday's in October, the 5th and the 19th.  It's an amazing cast of singers, and one amazing band!  For all the details visit Alma's website, or better yet go straight to Davenport's website and make your reservations today!!!!

Now let's wrap up Summer 2013 with lots of singing every Friday!

Your friends at Sonic Lizard Karaoke

11/30/12 Update
Call it our Christmas shopping... we've just added another 76 songs in time for your holiday karaoke pleasure.  We managed to fulfill just about every customer request we've had in the last few weeks, for new songs and oldies, and think our batting average may be better than Santa's!

Onboard we have latest hits by Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Edward Sharpe, Adele, and Haley Reinhart.  Also a number of never-before-available Beatles and Paul McCartney songs were released for karaoke for the first time this year, and we now have them all!  But knowing us, we would :)

And we continue as always to replace classics we already had with superior versions as they become available, from Sonny & Cher to Prince to Nirvana, because it's not just about quantity but about quality.

We also look for artists that are under-represented in karaoke, and managed to find a couple songs each by Tom Waits and Billy Bragg.

Just click on the Songs button above, and then choose Latest Additions for a peek at all the songs added since the last printing of the main books.

Stay warm!!! Happy Holidays!!!  Peace!!!

Your friends at Sonic Lizard Karaoke

7/25/12 Update
This week we just added 50 more songs, to go along with 50 we added in May, including some of the very latest hits by Fun, Carly Rae Jepsen, Maroon 5, Christina Perri, and Katy Perry.  For the classic rockers among you, we have previously unavailable tracks by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, The Doors and even one for Jethro Tull!

Just click on the Songs button above, and then choose Latest Additions for a peek.

To stay cool this sweltering summer, we highly recommend joining us at Davenport's Friday nights at 10:30.  The AC kicks ass, as does the karaoke!

Happy singing!

Your friends at Sonic Lizard Karaoke

4/22/12 Update
We've been so busy with shows and other things lately, there hasn't really been time for updating this little blog in the past year.

As always, we're adding current hits and your most requested songs every month - just click on the Songs button above, and then choose Latest Additions for a peek.

Happy singing!

Your friends at Sonic Lizard Karaoke

3/14/11 Update
We've just added over one hundred more songs to the list, so come on down to Davenport's one Friday night and give one a whirl!  Many of our customer requests are in this batch, so we likely have the song now if you asked us for it even as recently as last week!

Also, we're trying out a newer, somewhat obscure manufacturer named Recisio, aka Karaoke Versions (or KV in our songbooks).  They are the first French karaoke label we've encountered -- no worries, the lyrics are all in English :)  Real instrumentation all the way, and so far they sound awfully good.  The longer tracks haven't been cut, and the lyrics so far have all been accurate, which is just the way we like things.

And we were thrilled to find 22 previously unreleased Beatles tracks you probably won't find anywhere else in town!  As well as current hits by Adele, Cee Lo Green, and others.

So join us for a night of singing soon!!!

Your friends at Sonic Lizard Karaoke

12/15/10 Update
200 new songs just added to the list - it's like Santa came early! :)  Mostly contemporary hits this time around, but also a few oldies people have asked for as well.  It's only 2 months since we re-printed the Songbooks, but we've been getting record numbers of specific song requests lately!  Fortunately we were able to fulfill most if not quite all of your requests.

Just click to view our Latest Additions if you can't wait to see what we added, or click on the Songs button above to view the full library.  These new songs will be available at all our shows starting this coming Friday.

If you're looking for Christmas songs, we have a great selection!  Just look under CHRISTMAS, under the letter C, in the Songbook by Artist.

Please note that due to the Holidays, karaoke at Davenport's will be on:
THURSDAY, Dec. 23rd (instead of Friday that week), &
THURSDAY, Dec. 30th, 8pm to 12am (instead of Friday that week).

We'll revert to our normal Friday schedule beginning with Jan. 7th.

Happy Holidays from your friends at Sonic Lizard Karaoke!!!!

10/20/10 Update
With a little luck, the new Songbooks will be printed in time for this weekend's shows!  The pdf versions are available for viewing now - just click on the [Songs] button above.

We'll leave the Latest Additions page up for a bit longer, but all songs appearing there are now included in the full books -- the song numbers for the newer entries are preceded by a plus sign (+) to make them easy to spot.

For anyone counting, October 8th marked our 200th show at Davenport's!!!!  Thanks to all for making us a success!!!

Happy singing,
Your friends at Sonic Lizard Karaoke

8/20/10 Update

Be sure to join us at Davenport's on Friday night, 8/20, for our annual Beatles Karaoke Party!

Just return to the home page for all the fab details!

August 2010 Update
Friday August 6th....
Please join our hostess
Alma Mendoza, her band, & friends
in a special encore performance of her ROCKING tribute show to one of the all-time greats, Stevie Wonder!  In the Cabaret Room at Davenport's, followed by our regular karaoke show afterwards!
Click on the postcard for details...

5/12/10 Update

Sorry to say, no more Tuesday night karaoke at Purple Haze - the bar has CLOSED!  Our apologies to all who came out looking for us on 5/11 only to find Purple Haze gone - we had no notice the bar was closing!  We'd been hired for a minimum run of six weeks, so we were more shocked than anyone when friends started calling us just before our next show to say they'd driven by, and the venue was gone!

We made a number of wonderful new friends in our short run at Purple Haze, and want to especially thank them for joining us at Davenport's for our Friday night shows!

We're in the process of starting the search for another Tuesday night venue, and we'll post the news here as soon as we have one.

Thank you all for your support!

Your friends at Sonic Lizard Karaoke

4/13/10 Update (Alas, this show is gone - see above.)
Starting tonight, please join us at our new venue, Purple Haze!  Sonic Lizard Karaoke every Tuesday night in Wrigleyville!!!  There's great drink and food specials here as well!  We're trying this show out from 8 to 12 to start, so if earlier karaoke is what you've been looking for, here's the place to do it!  We're at Davenport's as well every Friday night at 10:30, so now you can sing with us twice a week!

New bar!  Join us for karaoke
TUESDAY nights 8pm to 12
@ Purple Haze Bar & Grille
3415 N. Clark
$2 Domestic Bottles - $2 Jameson - Awesome Bar Food!
Double your pleasure, and get your sing on.

Your friends at Sonic Lizard Karaoke

1/19/10 Update
New songs have arrived!!  200 additions you can look at right here on our Latest Additions page.  All these songs will be at this Friday's and all future shows.

There's recent hits by Lady Gaga, Leona Lewis, Black Eyed Peas, Brady Paisley, Jay-Z, Susan Boyle and more!   And nearly every customer request from the last few months has been filled, so check the list to see if we got your song in.

Please join us this and every Friday for karaoke at Davenport's, 1383 N. Milwaukee in Chicago.  We start at 10:30 and go until they kick us out :)

Happy singing!!!!!!

1/02/10 Update

Special congratulations to our wonderful singer ELIOT for winning the Friday, January 1st karaoke contest at Davenport's!!!  And thanks to all the participants!!!  And especially thank you to the owners of Davenport's Piano Bar and Cabaret for sponsoring this event.  Our winner received $100 cash, and will get a one hour showcase in the Cabaret Room at Davenport's!

Sorry there hasn't been an update here in a few months, but our Autumn was enormously busy.  In addition to our weekly Friday shows at Davenport's, we did Thursday night "SCARYOAKE" shows for the whole month of October, culminating in our Halloween party - ten shows in all, just at Davenport's.

And a steady stream of corporate, holiday, and private birthday parties has kept us hopping!  If you're considering booking us for a private party, please contact us well in advance as our schedule has been filling up - we already have three bookings for January and at least one in February.  Work is good, and we're very fortunate to have it

Also, being named the #1 Best Chicago Karaoke for 2009 by Citysearch didn't exactly hurt business :)

We haven't updated the Songbooks in 4 months, but we have a couple hundred new tracks we're bringing to the shows, so just ask if you don't see it on the list.  Most recent customer requests have been filled - if there's a song you want us to get, please let us know!  To whomever anonymously requested Empire State by Jay-Z, it should be on the last disc we got in, but we literally haven't had time to open the package!  Yes, Christmas can be crazy :)

Hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful and healthy holiday season!  Here's to lots of singing in 2010!

Your friends at Sonic Lizard Karaoke

8/28/09 Update
A warm thanks to everyone (over 50 people!!!) who joined us for our 2nd Annual BEATLE's Party at last week's show!  We raffled away free Beatles art, free Beatles books, free Beatles posters, and a free Peace Museum t-shirt autographed by Yoko Ono!  We'll be doing this party every year, the Friday show after The Fest For Beatle's Fans (aka BeatleFest) is held at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare, every August in Chicago.  (We won the t-shirt at this year's auction, with the proceeds going to The Spirit Foundation).

We were too busy hosting to take any photos!  If anyone has some, e-mail us! :)

A fab time was most definitely had by all!

8/01/09 Update & Big News
We want to thank all our faithful followers very much for not one, but two important things!

To everyone at last night's show, a warm thanks for making our Michael Jackson Tribute Night such a happy success!  You were all amazing!  Some 20 people did two or more Michael Jackson songs each, and well for such difficult material!  We allowed repeats, but there were amazingly few.  It was an education in how different Michael Jackson songs had affected so many people in different and personal ways.  Many people introduced their songs with a short story about what that particular song meant to them.  It was a deeply emotional night, and a great celebration of a singer we shall always remember.

Our second reason for thanks is that we'd just learned the night before, Citysearch named us, Sonic Lizard Karaoke, the #1 Best Chicago Karaoke for 2009!  For our Friday night shows at Davenport's!

Ranked #1 by Citysearch - Best Chicago Karaoke 2009!
So we're still a bit giddy about that :)  And very, very grateful to all of you for supporting us!!!!
Good singing!
Your friends at Sonic Lizard Karaoke

7/26/09 Update
For those of you who like to purchase your own karaoke discs or songs, we've just updated our LINKS page with the best places to shop, and the latest technical info on what to shop for (and what to avoid).  Please read the technical info before buying discs or downloads to bring to our shows!  Thanks!

7/12/09 Update
Since last we updated this page, the world of music has been shocked, deeply saddened,  and forever altered by the untimely passing of Michael Jackson.  It's rather difficult to talk karaoke as usual when for most of us, music fans or not, there is nothing "usual" at all about a world without Michael Jackson.

It is however a world full of Michael's music, and it's a better world for it.

~Karaoke Tribute Night To Michael Jackson~
Friday July 31 ~ 10:30 to closing
Davenport's ~ 1383 N. Milwaukee Ave. ~ no cover

So if there's a Michael Jackson song in your heart, come let it out and share it with people that feel the same way!  Sing, dance, and remember.  And don't worry about someone else beating you to your favorite.  This is one night when, if ten people all want a turn to sing Thriller, or Beat It, then we're playing them ten times.

6/21/09 Update
Welcome to summer in Chicago, and a Happy Solstice to everyone!

We're having a hot time at Davenport's every Friday, and welcome to all the many new singers who've found their way to our show in the past month!  It's fantastic having you aboard!  Since there are so many new karaoke fans joining us on Fridays at Davenport's, we'd like to repeat a couple of things our regulars already know:

We call it a "Karaoke Showcase"
because you get to do 2 SONGS PER TURN, at least for the first half of the show, and all night when we can do that and still fit everyone in for a turn.  The song slips we're presently using only have room to write in one song, but please feel free to turn in two at a time!

There is a 2 DRINK MINIMUM at Davenport's on Fridays.
You can order soda or ice tea as your 2 drinks, but please remember it is a bar and it is a business!  There's an additional $2 cover for the live show in the front room, but NO COVER for our karaoke show in the back room - for karaoke it's just the 2 drink minimum.  Hey, those are both good deals!

And please remember tip the wait staff, because they work dang hard for all of us, and without them we'd die of thirst! :)

Please join us every Friday.  Summer's here and the time is right for singing your heart out!
Your friends at Sonic Lizard Karaoke

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